Downton Abbey Jewellery and Pearls

Adeline Leigh

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Oct 1, 2011
Hmm, not really my cup of tea. Nonetheless here is the now withdrawn line of Downton Abbey inspired jewellery including pearls that may be of interest to some retailers/ designers as the show has got its fans:

Natural Pearl of   Tridacna Gigas
Thanks for posting this and ejoyed watching that show. Very interesting. The Pearl Necklace looks very unique. Am pretty sure in those days it would have been a mix of silver and gold?
My darling father adores Downton Abbey - it gives him great pleasure to watch and scoff. He had a field day with the Christmas special and it's legal lines (Dad is a Queen's Counsel - a senior barrister is sometimes appointed as a QC).
Ab Fab is great. Have you seen a more recent programme, Life's Too Short? I really enjoyed it.