Do Paspaley pearls retain their value?


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Dec 20, 2013
Hello there, new member from Australia.

For long I had been seeing the advertisements for Paspaley pearls in the Qantas magazine, and wanted to buy a piece of jewellery from there. I finally decided to treat myself and bought a large pearl pendant from Paspaley (the retailer) and paid a mighty sum for it.

I have never spent such a large amount on a piece of jewellery. A few days later I questioned my purchase - not the piece itself, it's beautiful and I love it - but in case I need the money later.

Is there a decent second-hand market for genuine Paspaley jewellery? If I had to sell it in the future, how much value would it retain?

Many thanks for any advice you can offer.
unfortunately there isn't much of a second hand market for pearls, apart from estate sales and ebay. If you love the piece, wear it often and enjoy, but its not going to be an investment you can recoup at a later date.
Welcome, Maybelle,

Sounds like you have an amazing, amazing pearl! Will it be a pendant? Or be used as a decorative Gazing Ball, lol? We never recommend pearls as investment pieces. But, the important thing is to retain ALL the original packaging, sales receipts and any Certificate of Authenticity,
Appraisals that came with your pearl, so you will be able to provide provenance should you ever decide to sell~
It would be great to see it.....

any chance of a photo of the pearl :D
Jewelry is like a car - as soon as you drive it off the lot, you lose a lot of the value. Pearls can be harder to sell, but even if you have diamond jewelry, you might be lucky to get half of what you paid a couple of years later. If you have fears that would prevent you from enjoying it, by all means return it.

That said, I have a simple, but big, Paspaley pendant that I would never give up. I love it. Goes with everything! :)

Let's see a photo. :)
Thank you everyone for your advice. I will take it - enjoy my purchase and make sure I wear my necklace as much as possible! I am hoping to become acquainted to buying nice pearl jewellery. :D

Not sure I know how to upload my own photos, so here is a web link to the piece I bought. It's the yellow gold and garnet Lavalier necklace. I upgraded the pearl in the net to a larger 16mm perfect round pearl to that it really fills out the net.


I will try to post my own photos if I can figure it out..
What an amazing piece! Don't ever even consider selling it! Love it, wear it, and one day pass it on as a family heirloom!

- Karin
That is one interesting necklace. I would love to see it on. Enjoy and wear it often.