DIY "Harvest" Strand


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Sep 15, 2018
So I don't know if this is pearl sacrilege or not, but I finally finished a faux harvest strand today. I had so much fun putting this together! I used an assortment of keshi, drops, large circled tahitians, a half strand of small dark-bodied tahitians, weird baroques with pimples (the large yellow one!), and I'm not sure what the long drip ones would be called. I love tahitian pearls, all the colors and shapes. I want ALL OF THEM.

20181018_123602.jpg20181018_132359.jpg20181018_132403.jpg20181018_132411 (1).jpg20181018_132255.jpg
That's gorgeous. I think I like the faux harvest strands better than the real ones because anything and everything goes.
I love it!! You did an awesome job & there is so much character & personality to your strand!! What king of clasp did you use? Can you post a close up pic of it?
What fun and suits you so well.
Like the "DIY Harvest" term!
And yes, could we see the clasp, even better, would you mind posting a close up of the clasp on the 'Show us your clasps' thread, great to have the reference.
Beautiful! It looks great on you and the pearls are full of personality and shine. :)
I like the clasp. It goes really well with the baroque pearls & the size works for the necklace. I'd say excellent choice!
CBPearlover, I’m so impressed with your harvest strand! I think it takes a very good eye to put one of these together and you did an amazing job. Great clasp, too. It flows nicely with the pearls.