Could someone tell me if these are real pearls?


Feb 13, 2024
I just bought this strand on Instagram. Could someone tell me if these are real Edison pearls? Not plastics?

Kim, sherbet colors, yum!! Are those 2 strands? What size are the pearls? What will you make?
Thank you so much Pattye! There are 3 strands in the picture. I got the inner most with the 2 pistachios. I'm told they are 10 to 13mm flawless, but we shall see if they are indeed flawless. I'm having it made into a necklace. Not sure if I dare wear it outside but the colors are just too beautiful to pass on.
Thank you so much Jeremy for giving me peace of mind. It's amazing that you just can tell from pictures!
Especially if the photos are GOOD. Yours are!
I bought some imitation pearls just for fun. I don't really notice any difference from real SSP pearl. Guess I still have a lot to learn about pearls 😅
Imitation pearls can look like lower quality pearls...but never like good or high-quality pearls.
It's just so evident.