Copyright and trademarks when designing pearl jewelry

Very cool, love them! It's such an interesting design- so organic and earthy! I would be tempted to wear it as a branch running up the ear, like this:

pearl cuff.jpg
Wendy - love the earrings ! I appreciate your ethical concerns but I don't for a moment think there is a problem in your producing designs where there are diamonds in pearls. It's been around for quite awhile. You're just sensitive to the situation due to the forums - I'm sure no one is going to think you stole the idea...the idea is out there and has been out there for quite awhile. I saw some Renee Lewis black pearl earrings studded with diamonds at Barneys...Eksand does it with pendants as well..Galatea does it ..the list goes on. Take them out of your ears and put them on your website!

Juliebeth......ooooooooh I love those photos ! Fabulous pieces!! Those earrings remind me of Alexis Bittar ..they almost look like white lucite. I'm in love !
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