collection of Upper Mississippi River basin natural pearls.


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Sep 11, 2007
As I traveled for sales beginning in 1965 I collected assorted natural pearls from jewelers between Burlington, Iowa and Brainerd, Minnesorta along the River.....Yes the blacks are natural Miss. R. basin pearls. None are reworked hinges. Note: in the 1920's this River was a major world source of natural pearls being sold in Europe. No doubt some were labeled from Near East.

Norm, it's fascinating to see these lovely pearls; thank you for posting!
Really gorgeous pendant on the bottom left. Reminds me of a labradorite drop pendant I have. Sweet collection!
Wow, gorgeous. What a wonderful collection, and a wonderful provenance.
I have about 100 of mississippi teneessee pearls.
I have severalcut wings, probably used to make flower tie pin or pendant, these were very common in early XX, Tiffany made a crazy brooch, really love that design!
My biggest is about 3cm, and another is very heavy.
I would be interested in a trade for a round one!