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Oct 19, 2019
Hello again, We just received a diamond clasp that I bought with the idea of using to make an approx. 30" triple strand out of the 100" FWP rope I posted a while back (after culling the damaged pearl there are sill plenty). When I took a look at it next to an 8mm pearl on an earring we also bought I thought the 7mm's of the rope may be too big to do a triple on this clasp. The clasp measures 28x20mm. I am posting this to ask for you all's help in this design because I have no imagination and from what I see on these forums you all collectively do!!!
My questions are many... 1) Would it be sacrilege to put those FWP"s on a clasp like this? 2) Are 7mm pearls too big for a triple on this clasp? 3) If I do a triple would you do a "3 tier" where the strand hang separately or "standard where they hang together thus allowing for the clasp to be worn at different positions? 4) Should I scrap this idea and save up for some blue or pink Akoyas for a similar project?

I am thinking very much "inside the box" as the clasp strikes me as formal/traditional but if anyone has any more imaginative suggestions I very much welcome them as I want this to be a special project for her next birthday ( I won't say what #) in DEC.
Thanks as always!

You could use small tahitian keshis and make a triple strand, their silvery colors would look great with that clasp.
I bought a beautiful strand by Druzydesign on ebay. They have an etsy store as well and usually has several strands for sale.
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Hi 7mm pearls are going to be too big for that clasp. Your going to need a jump ring to attach the strands to and you won't be able to attach and not make it look crunched. I would suggest stringing a 5-61/2 mm at the ends then string.. We have done this for years and it works. The clasp is very nice. Get someone who can solder three jump rings then fit the pearls to them. I would fit in braclet bars to hold them together efficiently especially if you are going to wear frequently.
Thank you Norm. By you suggesting the bars do I infer that you believe that I should string the strands tight to one another the whole way? Also I had hoped to use the vertical bars in the mounting, is that not doable?
I have a triple strand, and I bought smaller pearls to attach to the clasp and then attach the larger pearls a pearl or two away from the clasp.

I ended up matching smaller freshwater pearls to the clasp, while the rest of the pearls were akoyas, but they match colorwise.
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You might want to reach out to Sarah at KojimaPearl. She has years of experience designing special pieces. Pearl Paradise could also help you.
The clasp is lovely.