Circled pearl pendants


Jan 22, 2019
Do you know of any vendors who have circled pearl pendants? Does that tend to be random and just the buyer purchases whatever they see that is nice at the moment, circles or not? Thanks.
If you enter "Tahitian pearl pendant" on Etsy you will see many listings, including some with circled pearls.

I think circled pearls look great strung on leather cord. Many vendors sell these, e.g. Kamoka. Circled pearls are often quite colorful and are less expensive than non-circled pearls, too.
Thanks again, PD. I looked on Etsy and did not see quite the color/overtones I'm looking for which is lighter, and with a little more color the regular grey, silver, green, black.

Do the leather cords look best on younger people or is any age? I'm a bit hesitant as I'm, alas, middle aged.
You could contact Kamoka and tell Josh/Celeste the kind of colors you are looking for. I imagine they could find a pearl that would be what you'd like.

My husband is 72 and has 2 pearl-on-leather cord necklaces he loves to wear. :D It's not about age, and I don't think it's about gender either. But perhaps for women, it is about one's overall style.

If the adjustable brown or black leather cord doesn't please you, you can buy smooth leather cord in many colors (even metallic gold and silver) on Etsy, and string your own necklace. Buy a loose pearl with a 2-2.5mm drilled hole, buy cord thin enough to fit through it. Use crimp ends (flatten with jewelry pliers) and a bit of glue to finish the leather ends and connect with a clasp of your choice. This is what I did for my husband. Not hard, and you can get just the look you want.

Crimp ends:
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I wear my Tahitian on leather pretty much every single day. I am 55 years old.

- Karin
Do the leather cords look best on younger people or is any age? I'm a bit hesitant as I'm, alas, middle aged.

Pearls on leather cords look great on all ages! I have a lovely single Tahitian pearl, silver w/ blue and greenish tones, on a leather cord as a bracelet. I'm thinking of wearing it as a necklace in the summer—either that or find another lovely pearl (or three) for a corded leather necklace. :rolleyes:

ETA: I, too, am in the "middle years" category. :eek:
Pearls on leather looks great, my husband is middle aged and he looks great with it :) he also uses a black rubber cord sometimes. For me, it’s more of how you feel and love the pearl. Hope you fine one that makes you feel amazing. :cool:
Thank you all so very much! I ordered, from Ebay, a super inexpensive white pearl on a leather cord so I can try out the style first. Also, thank you so very much for the suggestions of vendors to look into.

I ordered a single Tahitian circle on a leather necklace from PP for my husband. He wore it frequently but I felt the single pearl was too small for him. When PP had the VIP sale in December, I ordered two more circles. I sent the necklace back to Brie, she selected 2 circles which coordinated and had the necklace restrung on leather. It turned out beautifully and looks much better on him. Thank you PP for the sale and Brie for making the necklace upgrade happen. Attachment-1.jpeg
Very nice, Sobelle! That looks great on him!

I am getting a bit stuck, though, with my project. I, umm, have never seen a Tahitian pearl in person. Sometimes I absolutely love (some) of them in photos, but sometimes (some) of them look like flat battleship grey balls.

Where can I go to see some Tahitians in person (central NJ)? Also, is it outdoor light that they do better in?

As many of the vendors ship from overseas, I kinda don't want to get one and then return it due to the extra hassle with overseas shipping.

Hi Bluebyrd, Intergem does shows in the NE. Just go to and search the states in your area for the dates. They usually have at least one or two dealers of decent Tahitian pearls.
I also wear pearls on a leather strand and I am a, ahem, "mature adult."

sobellej, love the necklace you designed for your hubby!
I've been to Intergem shows in CT, but never saw good loose pearls. I have heard that Intergem has better shows in the Southwest.
For circle pearl pendants, I've always liked the Honey collection at Pearl Paradise; they incorporate the rings into the finding.

I had a triplet Tahitian leather bracelet that I wore a lot. Sadly, the leather gave out; now I have the loose pearls and occasionally wear them on a chain as a necklace.