Christmas Gifts


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Jun 23, 2018
Pearl Paradise and Pearl Guide Forum has created a new monster. Me. I made 6 pearl necklaces for Christmas gifts. I have also restrung 3 pearl necklaces for friends and am working on my mother's graduated akoya necklace now. Something I never dreamed I could do until this year. Many of the gift creations are using some of the same pearls because that is what I had on hand. I have just created a different arrangement so that each necklace is unique. Here they are:
Jane's gift is dyed freshwater keshis and semi rounds accented with amethyst gemstones. It's about 20". Jane's necklace2.jpg

Evie's necklace is freshwater pearls. AAA pink/peach from PP, freshwater keshis and rice pearls accented with morganite gemstones. It's 18".
Evie's necklace 1.jpgEvie's necklace CU1.jpg

Terri's necklace is like Jane's except she has dyed freshwater rice pearls, too. It's about 25".
Terri's necklace CU rice.jpgTerri's necklace.jpgTerri's necklace CU front.jpg

Sophia (my 17 year old granddaughter gets freshwater keshis and rice pearls and accented with tiny silver akoya keshis. They really look like little pieces of silver. It's 17".
Sophia's necklace.jpgSophia's necklace CU.jpg

I neglected to photograph Katie's necklace and Dian's before I gave them. Both ladies live close by so I'll borrow the necklaces and show them off another time.

Everyone was delighted with her creation. What a special way to honor dear friends and family. So grateful for my experiences this year and exposure to Pearl Paradise, the Ruckus and Pearl Guide Forum.
Well done!! I particularly like the colors and texture of the last necklace. :)
Those are wonderful! You are certainly not a monster when you are doing all this for others. I am sure your friends and relatives also appreciate the restringing, too!
how nice! I'm sure your family will cherish these handmade gifts for many years!
Wowza, those are all lovely. I cannot pick a favorite. I like them all. Pearls and pearl stringing and knotting is totally addicting.
How kind of you to make jewelry for gifts! I'm sure they were very much appreciated. Did you use wire on the small pearls? I don't know if I have the patience to knot tiny pearls. They sure are pretty!
What a happy Christmas your friends and family must've had with their pearly beauties, each one so special.
Look forward to seeing your 2019 creations!
Thank you all for your generous compliments. You and this website have been a great source of inspiration and education.
Yes, amti, both of the small pale necklaces were wired. Jane's necklace was knotted with Beader's Secret Grape and Terri's was knotted with Beader's Secret Gray. Even though knotting takes more time than wire, I much prefer it because I have not perfected my skill with all the pliers. I've only been doing this for a few weeks. I have tons to learn.
Thanks! They definitely look professional for not perfecting your skills!
I want to gift jewelry to my fiance this Christmas. This our first Christmas after the engagement ceremony. What type of jewelry is appropriate for Christmas Gift?

Hello JuliaDavid2, welcome to our Pearl Loving forum! Let us see what comments we get from our experts :cool:
Juliadavid2, in my mind, the most versatile for wearing and for budget, is a pair of pearl stud earrings. If she(?) has pierced ears, maybe 7.5-8mm white Akoya, or 9.5-10mm Tahitians.
What beautiful work you have done, sobellejanet! The receivers will be very happy. The pieces are all constructed well, and the color and size mixes are so pleasing. Thank you for sharing your pictures!
For Christmas gifts, a fun choice can be a single pearl on a leather cord, as a necklace or bracelet. When I've given them, they've been well received by both males and females, from teens to mature adults, plus are budget-friendly!

And I agree with Jeg, stud earrings are always a welcome addition to one's jewelry wardrobe.