Can you help with this pearl necklace


Jul 8, 2023
Hello! Was wondering if anybody could help with this pearl necklace I have. The 14K gold clasp says 14k RC. I have researched what RC could mean and it is the trademark for Roberto Coin which is a very high end Jeweler. However, I have not seen any other regular pearl necklaces out there from Roberto Coin and the clasp does look like your standart pearl necklace clasp. I just took a chance on this necklace at an auction so I know absolutely nothing about pearls. Has anybody ever seen a Roberto Coin pearl necklace before or can confirm if this is a Roberto Coin? Also, can anybody tell just by looking at these pics what type of pearls these are? The first three pics were from the auction site and are magnified to show any deficiencies or defects so maybe that will help or not. The other one is just a picture I took under a desk lamp. Sorry if these are not efficient enough pics I can add more if somebody can help. Thanks so much for taking your time to help if you can!

Pearl StrandShowing clasp - roberto coin?pearl 3.jpgpearl 4.jpgpearl RC.jpgpearl5.jpg
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They look a bit oval to me. I believe they are cultured freshwater pearls from China. There is no bead inside to make them fully round. The lack of a bead means they are all nacre, and will be durable. Wear and enjoy them!

They are not high end, but nice enough, and they will look even better after you give them a bath in some mild soapy water, wiping the grime away with a soft cloth, swabs or a soft brush. Then rinse and leave them to dry on a soft clean towel for 24 hours before wearing them (wet silk is weak and can stretch.)

RC could just be the manufacturer of the fishhook clasp, which is generic.
Thanks for taking your time. I have read that you are one of the top experts in this forum so I will definetly trust your opinion. Yes, I have read other posts since posting this one and it looks to just be the gold content verifier approver for the generic clasp. If I zoom in on the pics there appears to be bead inside but I can't tell if that is just reflection of the light or actual beads.
I agree with PD. The clasp is generic fishhook clasp, and is not a Roberto Coin clasp. The pearls look a bit off round to me, too, so could be cultured freshwater pearls from China.
"... If I zoom in on the pics there appears to be bead inside but I can't tell if that is just reflection of the light or actual beads."

You are not seeing a bead inside-- it's just light being reflected from the pearls' surface.
Got it! Thank you so much! Yes, it looks like other freshwater pearls I am seeing on ebay in their pics. I looked from an under angle while under light and the beed thing disapears from the bottom half of the pearl that is under light. I am so glad you were able to determine for me now I know what I have. I can probably sell it for about how much I paid so it worked out ok. I was just taking a chance now I know a lot more about pearls. Thanks again!