Bling Pearl's, fingers crossed!


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Feb 7, 2021
Well, bought these on Saturday, to celebrate a week gone by since I had a thief steal my purse, which had my latest strand inside, and it was totally an impulse buy, rebound Pearl's, if you will, lol! So here's the seller's pics, and I'll post mine after they arrive, unless I have to return them for any reason(fake!) I have had to return 3 to Ebay and 1 to poshmark, I am convinced that some people have faux and cultured and natural all mixed up! Sill and all I've purchased about 7 or 8 that were the real deal, so my percentage of keepers outweighs the duds. So here's some pics!
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Here's what I found!


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Don't quite know what's going on with the folk art mannequin, haha!
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I guess trying to give you the "How you would wear it" vibe...but the mannequin could work both ways! :lol:
I could see the strand is knotted, some drill holes look kosher...but the image quality is not good enough for me to judge the pearls individually. Clasp looks silver.
As a necklace: it looks great! Share your rebound photos when you get a chance! :biggrin:
It'll be here on Friday or Saturday, definatly will share if they seem right, but I will want the experts on here to give input, if possible. Thank you douglas, you and yourvwife have been in my thoughts and I'm sending some positive energy, perhaps you will eventually feel less hurt by the home invasion you suffered, I am hopeful.
Thank you Faith!
And you know...the event is over, time has healed us. This was crucial for my wife because of the sentimental value of the that same moment we had a bad economic turnout and I had suggested we sold some of the items *the ones that were damages and needed extensive repairs, such as a bracelet and some chains, all of them in 18K and 22K gold...and she would nor part with them! Then, she was parted from them in a most nasty way and our family did not benefit from it. :(
She told me later that it had been a "learning experience" so she could learn about emotional detachment. She "made a pearl" out of this bad experience :)
Bless you both, what a tough way to find enlightenment, I have been through a few learning experiences myself, not always painless! That's a comfort to me that you've healed , hard to have your safe place violated, glad you've found some peace! My Pearl's are here today, so we'll see how my rebound shopping turns out, I'll post on other thread later, mail is on the way!
Keep us posted!