Black Friday 2021

Oh my, that is gorgeous! I would really love to see it in person. Please post pictures when it arrives!
What a stunning purple pendant! Will need to see pictures. ;)
That is very unique nice design!! Congratulations! You just bought an exquisite one!
That's beautiful BWeaves! Love that bail; I've been eyeing up another Kojima pendant with that bail. I'm sure you'll love your new pendant :)
Yes, I've been obsessed with the knobby bail after JEG got a pendant from Kojima with one. But it's taken awhile to find a pearl I liked which had that bail. There's another Tahitian on Kojima website which I considered, but this chocolate dipped plum kept calling to me instead.
I love that! I hope you like it in person, too. I know I would!:love:
It's HERE! Happy Chanuka to me! Chocolate Plum is huge, and has an amazing range of colors. Here it is with blue akoyas from Pearl Paradise.


And here it is with pistachio akoyas from PP.


And here I'm wearing it with Kasumi and amethyst earrings and Chinese ripples from Kojima and Pacific Pearls.


Great minds think alike, BWeaves! I did the exact same thing...bought the purple pendant I had been eyeing for months at Kojima. It arrived today and it's more beautiful than I expected. Here's Kojima's photo of the pendant...

IMG 20200116 141111

...And here's the Kojima necklace I will wear it with... (I tried and tried to take my own photos of both but they are just a blurry, colorless mess. I find pearls so hard to photograph.)

IMG 20200116 135930
OOOOO, TriciaS, those are gorgeous!

I find my selfie camera is blurry, but my regular phone camera is sharper. So I face the mirror and use the regular camera, and I can see the phone screen in the mirror. Then after I I've imported the photo to my computer, I massage the photo. Crop it. Adjust the color. Zap out my zits and wrinkles (cough cough). Then upload it.
WOW BWeaves and Tricia!!!!!!!!! Your Kojima Edisons are absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Love the colors on the pendants, true rainbow and what an amazing luster on such a huge size! The bail is very special too! Love love love!!!!
Feliz Januca BWeaves ! Looking great this Holiday season!
Now, let me get some of that Vegan Kugel I made last night...and enjoy this morning's pearls!
It well worth the wait TriciaS! Yowza! Gorgeous necklace!