Before I butcher these and attempt to restring them myself can I check they are just dyed freshwater ones!


May 2, 2022

I inherited these from my beloved mother in law. I have no idea where she got them from. I’d love to wear them but they aren’t really my style so I’d like to try to restring them on knotted silk as an endless necklace.

Before I do so I just want to check what they are - I’m assuming they are dyed freshwater and so aren’t worth much (other than their sentimental value)? I don’t want to go butchering them by doing it myself if they are worth anything and instead would get them professionally done. I have her white strand and it’d be nice to be able to swap between them depending on my outfit!

Also - which would look better with, black or dark grey silk?!

Thanks so much for any help!


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Hi Breeble! If you haven’t already purchased your supplies, I would suggest contacting Pattye via her Etsy store. The cards of Serafil are inexpensive so you can try a few colors. I like using Serafil as it does not stretch. Thread in black if the pearls are dark black. I often use the color ‘storm’ on my dark Tahitians. It’s a dark grey and gives a softer look to your strand. And if your pearls have colorful overtones, I also like using ’teal’, but it would be too contrasting if the pearls do not have a lot of color. If you knot about three pearls, you’ll be able to get a visual of whether the color thread appeals to you or not. Good luck, and I hope both you and your pearls survive the stringing!
I second the recommendation to get Serafil thread from Pattye. She has flexible wire needles and gimp, too.

Serafil is so easy to work with-- you don't need any special tools. It can get wet and not stretch, and is strong.
See our tutorials and videos on the Lowly Beaders Forum! There is instruction on how to make an endless strand in the tutorial also.
Thanks so much everyone! Very pleased that I don’t have to feel guilty about cutting them up, and hopefully (if I don’t completely ruin it) I will have something that I’ll actually wear and love out if it and remember her by! I’ll get the recommended supplies and give it a go, and I’ll post the results when I’m done!
The great thing about stringing pearls is that you can't ruin it! If you need to, just cut it apart and do it over (BTDT).
It won't hurt the pearls.
The great thing about stringing pearls is that you can't ruin it! If you need to, just cut it apart and do it over (BTDT).
It won't hurt the pearls.
Thanks so much! I’ve been linked the videos I need to follow so I am ready to give it a try! But, I can’t find Serafil or beaders secret anywhere in the UK. I think there was a shop that used to sell the latter but it doesn’t seem to anymore.

Will any old fine polyester thread do? Like regular polyester sewing threads but fine? Or are there some special enhanced properties of these specific brands that make them better? Ordering from America makes it not really worth doing it myself once I add in post and tax!

I can find fine viscose thread but I don’t know if that’s suitable, and I think nylon isn’t recommended right? Thanks so much!
I didn't like the nylon threads I tried.

Can you find Moss Green Poly Pro (Spectra) fishing line in the UK? That would work with your pearls, too. It's strong, easy to work with and the color would be close enough.

I tried another polyester beading thread one that I didn't care for-- don't recall the brand-- but there's no reason not to experiment, if that is your best option. If a thread is flexible and hard to break intentionally when doubled, it could work.
Breeble, Most thread is too thin and the knots will slide into the drill hole. Pattye's product line of threads will work perfectly for you and they are a inexpensive way to learn to knot. Don't forget the big eye needles she sells and the gimp for your clasp area.
True about'd have to quadruple the thread at least. Which would make it easier to tangle where you don't want knots.
I just wanted to say thank you everyone for your help - I have finally gotten around to doing it and made my new endless necklace. I’m so pleased to have something else of my mothers that I’ll actually wear! I loved doing it, it took about 2.5 hours start to finish. I want to do more but I’ve no idea what I’d do with them once they are made!


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Well done! Good to be able to wear them and enjoy them.
You could always make more for friends and family?