Baroque Akoyas from PP April 2015 special

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Sep 24, 2007
I received my white baroque akoyas today and immediately went outside to take advantage of the overcast day.
Second photo was taken next to my front door just inside where the light seems to be best.

I love them!

They display orient, too!

I hope others will also post their photos here!

my pearl paradise baroque akoya
baroque akoya pearl paradise shot indoors
Ohhhhhh they are amazing! I want one, I want one, I want...!

Maybe PP will get more... one day...

They look GREAT on you!
I'm really thrilled with them-- the luster is amazing. The ones with more irregular nacre are dreamy.

I will try to take more photos that capture the orient in individual pearls in days to come, as the light now is getting poor. We certainly are having a rainy and gray April so far! Sunshine is expected on Sunday, so I'll have to catch a few shots then.
pearl dreams, those pearls are beautiful! I was so sad when I missed out. Those pearls went quick! Thank you for posting! I really enjoy looking at them.
Thank you, mcmoo. Maybe Jeremy will be able to get some more from the same vendor who specializes in baroques, whom he mentioned in his blog post.

By the way I love your user name!
OMG - I can see why they went so quickly! They are absolutely amazing and look fantastic on you!!! Dream pearls for sure.
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The luster and overtone is fantastic. I'm hoping someone will post blue baroques as well.
And the size is fantastic! Congratulations and wear in health. I look forward to more pictures!
oh, they are so beautiful! they were sold out by the time i got to the pp site! enjoy your new gorgeous strand, it looks great on you :D
Thanks! Yes, the stand is 18 inches; I measured it. There are 42 pearls.
Funny how easy it is to get used to larger pearls. :rolleyes: This is a very comfortable necklace.

We're supposed to get some sunshine tomorrow, according to the news. I'll be ready with my camera.
I'm about to head out for the day but took this photo first:


  • showing orient in the akoyas.jpg
    showing orient in the akoyas.jpg
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Here are a few I took under the daylight lamp last night:


  • akoyas under daylight lamp 1.jpg
    akoyas under daylight lamp 1.jpg
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  • akoyas under daylight lamp 2.jpg
    akoyas under daylight lamp 2.jpg
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  • akoyas under daylight lamp 3.jpg
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