Avon goes Pearly in skin care and lipstick


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Dec 11, 2004
Pearls in cosmetics

MANILA, Philippines - Every Filipina is beautiful in her own way. But a global beauty company wants to take it up a notch by using treasures from the orient. Avon recently launched a personal skin care product infused with pearl powder, said to be the secret to glowing and youthful skin for the past 3,000 years. Called the Skin So Soft Radiant Glow lotion, it promises to renew the skin's natural radiance with just one application.
Pearls are said to be the secret to glowing and youthful skin. Credit: Avon
The new product also features the exclusive Advanced Brightening technology that increases light pigments, and SilkPlex technology that leaves skin soft and silky smooth.
It is a fitting addition to Avon's Anew 360? white intensive correcting serum, which world-renowned singer and theater actress Lea Salonga claims is her secret to fair and bright skin. (Read story here.)
"We are proud to bring in a breakthrough product that responds to women's quest for even toned and moisturized skin. We continue to delight women with world-class products that work," said Madel Corona-Yambao, Avon Southeast Asia's associate category manager for personal care.

Along with the launch of the So Soft Radiant Glow lotion is the unveiling of the Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact lipstick line, which claims to offer 10 colors that are "bolder, more vivid and all charged up." Its rich, creamy glide formula custom blends iridescent pearls for color-matched tone-on-tone magnifiers that tailor the shine to the exact shade of the lip color.
The Avon-patented Chromapixel technology also promises to boost lipstick hue by reflecting light and enhancing shine.
"All women love lipsticks! With just a swipe of color on the lips, a woman's confidence is boosted," said Christa Jacinto-Sarao, Avon Southeast Asia's associate category manager for color.
She added, "(The new lipstick line) brings out intense color to give women that megawatt drama and make them undeniably noticeable!" -- Karen Flores, abs-cbnNEWS.com
The Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact lipstick line and the Skin So Soft Radiant Glow whitening hand and body lotion will be available through Avon representatives nationwide starting next month. To contact an Avon representative, call 864-2900 or visit www.avon.com.ph.

Skin whitening? What century do they live in?
The majority of the Asian population prefers to be fair rather than have tanned complexion. Skin whitening is supposed to even out skin tone including lightening freckles...at least that's what I've noticed and heard. Experts' comments are welcomed.
Prefers to be more fair than just untanned? :confused: Just when I thought people were using spray tans to look more tanned!:p I'd try crushed pearls on the skin, but not bleach. That is so 19th Century!;), but Avon knows what its customers want, right?:rolleyes:
Normally those kind of companies only use really little of those "miracle ingredients" (pearl dust, crushed diamonds, gold...) and then they make customers think that there's lots of it, or enough to make it work. I think it's quite sad.

As for whitening, I don't really understand why everyone want to be tanned, I much prefer light skin (unless you're naturally darkskinned that is). I'd be very happy if I'd wake up one morning with perfect, almost white skin.
It looks like I was being ethnocentric. Sweden is the land of the fair, if any place is. Here in AZ where you get tan going from the car to the house, and 50% of the people are born shades of tan and brown, I lose perspective. If people use aids to get tanner, then why not use aids to get lighter too? I shut my mouth.
The only product I am aware of that has proven results for skin lightening is hydroquinone 2% cream, used for lightening skin discolorations due to sun damage.

Lots of info about it on the web. Any bleaching effect is slow, and spots come back if sunscreen isn't used. I can't imagine using it "all over!"

Most of the claims about other ingredients are probably hype----------------
Caitlin: I guess the grass is often greener on the other side. Lots of fair people want to get tanned, and like someone mentioned, many asiatic people spend lots of money to get lighter skin. I'm just strange I think, because my skin is already pretty pale...

But honestly, I don't really care much. I just think it looks silly when people use fake tans that makes them orange and when they go to a solarium to ruin their skin... (But I guess it's silly if you're doing anything you can to get fair skin as well. I just stay out of the sun)