Anyone who knows what happened to PearlasOne Website?

I received this email yesterday:

Pearls As One -- Pearl Specialist Course
Dear Students,
Just this morning we were Alerted to an issue when trying to access our Pearls as One Pearl Course. We immediately reached out to Teachable, the platform behind our course and this seems to be an issue related to a technical problem with the domain's technical and I really don't have a way to explain it. Rest be assured we are working on the problem, but it may take some days to solve this issue.
IN THE MEANTIME, not all is lost! You can use this link to get back into your course:
Please feel free to use this link, it is perfectly safe and it is the school's actual address within Teacheable's system. You will have to enter your credentials (email & password) to gain access, and you will find that nothing is "lost" and that all your course progress is there.
We apologize for this unexpected technical issue and hope to have it resolved soon.
Have a great day.

Douglas McLaurin
Course Instructor
As Jeremy mentioned...we don't know what happened yet. It has to do with something very technical, but we have the other web address in the meantime. It will be seamless to use.