Another Amazing Find...

Always good to start the morning with a big laugh. Not even $10. Ugly Ugly Ugly. There aren't many pearls I don't like but that necklace...well, you'd have to pay me to wear it.

(pay me for me to wear it I mean. Not pay me as in buy it. Which you couldn't do cos I would never sell that kack)
It is in the cart or wish list of two people....
Well, here is my email to and reply from Jeff:

Original Question:
Hello Jeff, I just got back from a visit to B'ham last Friday.
Wish I had known to visit your shop and check out this necklace
in person. I am very doubtful that these are SS pearls. On
what authority do you make that claim? The smaller pearls are
most certainly cultured freshwater. Kind Regards, Pattye

Jeff's Response:

Dear Patricia Saab,
I don't physically have possession of this Necklace. I have it on
consignment, and I believe it came with an appraisal. I did not
just pull the number out of a hat. I am an antique dealer and not
a Jeweler, but when I have looked at other examples of quality
South Seas Pearls Necklaces, this one certainly stands up to
comparison. Hope this info helps.

Jeff Bassett
Ruby Lane shop Diamond Antiques
One has to wonder just what other fine quality South Sea Pearl necklaces he's been looking at for comparison :) Methinks most were on Ruby Lane, and that some of them have been seen here in the past ...
I don't physically have possession of this Necklace. I have it on
consignment, and I believe it came with an appraisal. I did not
just pull the number out of a hat.

I wonder if he has actually seen the necklace for himself? Does he realise how a questionable description like this could upset his reputation as an antique dealer?
At that price, I would want to see the appraisal (and the necklace) for myself before accepting it on my shop shelf.

And, as a potential buyer, I would want to see the documentation too.

I'd love to know what other examples of quality he has seen!!
Happy Huku, Exactly my feelings about damaging his reputation. I rather quickly checked some of his other pearl items; none of the prices seemed exorbitant. I will send him a reply today in hopes of educating him in a polite way and letting him know that necklace is being discussed here.
That's a good idea Pattye. He may not be familiar with how much variation there is now in FWP.

I've sure never seen any SSP that look like that.
Diamond Antiques Ruby Lane Shop

Diamond Antiques Ruby Lane Shop

(sigh) Jeff's reply this morning to my 2nd email:

Original Question:

Good Morning, Jeff,

This is to follow up on our conversation about this necklace
ID:1791. I am relieved to know that you didn't purchase this
necklace outright. Did you examine it in person? Did you see
an appraisal? Although certainly "beauty is in the eyes of the
beholder," I feel you have been greatly misled as to the value
of this necklace.

We have been discussing this necklace on forum,
a friendly international group made up of pearl professionals
and consumers. Many topics are addressed, including listings on
the web where pearls have been misidentified and over-valued.

That the clasp is marked 14k would indicate some value, but the
pearls are not knotted between as virtually all South Sea would
be, and from the photo show the type blemish that indicate
commercial quality pearls, and in this case all the pearls are
most likely inexpensive cultured freshwater pearls from China,
including the smaller pearls mentioned previously.

It is my opinion (and that of others) anyone purchasing this
necklace, taking it for a current appraisal would most certainly
be shocked at the low value and your reputation would be at

Kind Regards, Patricia Saab GIA Pearls Graduate

My Response:

Dear Patricia Saab,
Thank you again for your insight.

Jeff Bassett
Ruby Lane shop Diamond Antiques

So, fellow pearl lovers, it seems the next step would be to report directly to Ruby Lane, as we have done in the past? How do you feel about this?