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Akoya Pearls for Men trending in Japan ...?


PG Forum Admin
Aug 26, 2005
And probably in the Western World too, particularly the US and Britain!
What I also found interesting in this article you shared is this:

Pearls traded for roughly 850,000 yen per kilogram in 2019, according to survey data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. The figure is approximately 5% higher than the previous year.
The production of pearls fell by 10% in 2020 to roughly 16 tons, representing the second consecutive annual decline.

So it seems the die-offs are continuing, but 16 tons/year are still a very good amount of pearls. If men start consuming baroque Akoya pearls it would be good for the industry, since most people are looking for the classic Akoya look: Round & White.