Akoya circle pearls?

If Akoya: definitively not from Japan, right?
Does the farm get their pearls back fom the processing factory? Do they have a shop?
Just wondering.
Orient Pearl processes their pearls in Bangkok, Thailand. In Halong Bay, Vietnam, there are lots of pearl dealers who claim that their pearls are local Vietnamese akoya, but I've seen everything but actual akoya being sold there. Nearly everything was Chinese freshwater.

I'm sorry, but that dark strand of pearls is not akoya. The size and shape are wrong and that banding would not be possible with akoya nacre. Using their 1-2 Bu nuclei, that would mean around 5 mm of nacre on an 10.3 mm akoya, or 7-10 years of growth, at a farm that specializes in small pearls and doesn't grow longer than two seasons.

This is a fresh harvest lot from their farm.

Freshly harvested akoya pearls.jpg

Baroque akoya grow freeform in the sac. The center pearls show clear banding/spinning. Large baroque akoya grow sedentary and create this look.

Baroque vietnamese akoya.jpg

Baroque akoya.jpg
I deliberately did not identify the pearl farm/company at their request. That is a sorted bag of akoya from one of their akoya farms. It's sorted. The photo I posted earlier in this thread showed an unsorted pile of pearls which was a day's harvest from one grafter. I was there and saw it being harvested. it clearly showed all manner of aberrations from round, including rosebuds, fireballs and circled pearls. The farm in question implants small nukes to produce small pearls, yes, but they also grow 7mm and up. Here's a photo of me harvesting 7+mm and sorting them as suitable mantle donorsme.jpgpass fail.JPG