Akita dismantled jewelry


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Aug 11, 2020
Hello everyone, besides that tahitian vietnamese necklace other seller is offering these pearls from dismantled jewelry. He probably sold the claps for gold weight and now is selling the remaining strands. One is 10mm, says he, and the other is 7mm the more cream colored. Is it anything good? For 100 usd should I buy it and have something assembled? He also have 6mm a lot but the color isn't pretty.

thank you


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Looks like a pretty good deal to me. I can't find any obvious flaws and they seem like real Akoya. It can be hard to tell these days but they don't look like FW to me.
They do look like Akoya, with good quality...I saw some defects her and there, but quite acceptable! Sounds like a good deal, but I would think they would not be 10 mm in diameter but more towards 7-8 mm. 10 mm strands are not very common!
I keep coming back to this thread expecting a story about an Akita dog who dismantled someone's pearls! :p
Thank you Karink and Douglas.

Haha Tricia, was the autocorrect, I don't have an Akita, Just a border collie and he likes to chew gemstones, he didn't discovered the pearls yet.

I've bought the pearls. The maybe tahitian haven't arrived. But these three have:

1- 7 mm pearls, long, over 120 cm, 48 inches, maybe 165 pearls, Strong fluorescence with UV light, almost 70 grams total (around 0.40 grams a pearl).

A little bit over 10 mm pearls (some are not very round), 42 pearls (3 loose and 39 in the strand), 17 inches, 43 cm, weaker fluorescence, but I think I can see it, almost 60 grams (around 1.4 grams a pearl).

Also a little bit over 10 mm (much more even and rounder pearls), 39 pearls, 18 inches, 46 cm, stronger florescence, almost 62 grams total (around 1.6 grams a pearl)

Two of the loose pearls I think belong to the strand 2. The half drilled maybe was a pendant or a ring? It shows the same fluoresce of the other two and the strand 2.

Are they really akoyas? Was a good deal? Should I make a necklace of the pearls?


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Just to complement, I tested the small ring at the extremity of the strand 2 and it is made of 18k white gold. So I guess it really was a necklace.


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Good morning! These still look like Akoya pearls to me, especially the smaller ones...they just have that beautiful metallic luster that we all appreciate on Akoyas.
When these are placed next to the 10mm, they all still look like Akoya to me...but with larger sizes producers are sometimes more lenient when it comes to accepting defects or less luster, even non-round shapes; larger pearls are always rarer and you just accept this fact.

Now, the last photos...if you were using a stronger light (LED) we can see more imperfections and less of the beauty of the pearl (I use strong LED light to easily find defects, such as cracks, fissures, pinpricks, etc) so at this stage I would actually say it looks more like a freshwater pearl...but somehow the photo captured a bit of the rose-green overtones and I still get this "Akoya vibe".

Would really love to hear what others have to say about these :)
Thank you Douglas. If it helps here are daylight pictures. You can see the smaller ones, the pinker larger ones, and the whiter.


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Yes, these are great to complement all others...I believe they are Akoya indeed. Got them for a very good price! :D
Thank you Douglas. You are so nice and knowledgeable it's impressive. Thank you corvettegirl and Karin also for your opinions and time. I will create a new topic asking what to do with the strands. I'm happy that was a good deal, I specially love good deals haha
Yes, please hare your new creations with us all :)
And we do have the "Show us your Pearls in Action" thread...amazingly popular!
Also, for projects we have the "Lowly Beader's Club"...you can find very pleasant information on our site...and it is really built around our community.