52 inch triple rope strand with tassels


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Oct 25, 2011
I Need info about 52 inch rope strand with tassels. Has gold oval tag with cursive M.
Bought at antique store for $800 and don't know if cultivated or not, but grainy to tooth. Beautiful and symmetrical. Heavy gold attachments to tassels (20 tassel strands per end. Very consistent ivory color with no visible flaws to the eye. Knotted between pearls at ends only- I think. Middle strand of pearls do not touch- connected by smaller pearls on outer strands. Large pearls that hold tassels are lighter in color than rest of pearls which all match perfectly to my eye. Curious as to possible maker. Any info would be helpful! Also, I don't know how to include a photo yet.
I thought I just answered this?
Right above the box you write posts in is a series of icons. The one for adding a photo is just to the right of the globe with the link. Click and follow.
Or an easier way depending on where your photos are click on Go Advanced just below and to the right of where you type your reply. Then scroll down and go to Manage Attachments.

Click on Add Files and then Load File at the bottom. Think it says Load File. Then add next photo.

That is the way I do it anyway.

Good luck.

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I always did it that way too. Then I clicked on the image icon and found I can insert from either my computer or a url direct into the text where I want it, not always at the end. Duh. I figured that out yesterday!
I really identify with Scraps!My favorite character from OZ. 3 clicks to put it in. Love it. It's like a blog. All the blogs do that now.
Oh...... seventh icon from the left (looks like a little tree in a box), between the world and the film strip - Insert Image. Gee, I never knew that was there! Thanks Caitlin!!!!!

Oh wait...... it won't work for images I've saved on my computer...... never mind..... (I had a big beautiful rainbow saved JUST for you..... wah wah wah...... lol)

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(you say you CAN do it from your computer? Maybe you DO get that rainbow AFTER all Caitlin! Only I'm too dumb to figure out HOW..... oh, the wah wah wah is the noise at the end of the Pac Man game......)

Here's your rainbow anyways just 'cause I love you!thank-you-rainbow.jpg