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    Brackish water pearls (saltwater? or freshwater?)

    Just want to point out that this thread is 12 years old. Roy, the original poster, was last on Pearl Guide on October 25, 2011. His pearls are dyed freshwater pearl (see posts #8 and #15 by pearl experts Lagoon Island Pearls and jshepherd.)
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    Inherited pearls - Akoya or Freshadama?

    How wonderful to inherit those lovely pearls! They are akoyas, slightly off-round. Nearly-round freshwater pearls were not yet being produced in the 1980s.
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    Silver 3 strand necklace with pearls please help!

    I agree-- Chinese FWP-- and they are dyed. Although that peach color can occur naturally, you can see dye in the drill holes of those.
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    Silver 3 strand necklace with pearls please help!

    These are cultured freshwater pearls from China. In some of your photos they appear round, but that is the round bottom-- from the side it is evident they have rings. These pearls don't have a bead nucleus, but rather are solid nacre.
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    Strand of pearls--how to test if natural? I live in Delaware.

    Could you please post photos of the pearls? Please use a white background, no flash, and try to get good in-focus shots of the entire strand and a few close ups. I am curious about the pouch as well.
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    Help NEEDED! What kind of pearls?

    The fishhook clasp is generic and likely the mark is that of the maker of the clasp, not of the pearls. I see French wire (that little coil) used to protect the thread where it meets the clasp; this is usually not done with imitation pearls, so likely you have genuine pearls. A common test to...
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    Should I keep these?

    Freshwater, mediocre good quality, and yeah, that one pearl with nacre damage doesn't look great. You could restring the necklace and omit the one pearl, but why bother? It doesn't sound like you love the strand, and the money could be used to buy something you actually love. I'd send them...
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    Hong Kong September 2023

    I actually had tried that. In fact I'd forwarded through the entire video at intervals and still there was no sound. I just tried it again now, and it's working. Weird, but glad it's working now.
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    Hong Kong September 2023

    I just put on the Facebook Live event from today-- the GSS-- but the video has no sound. I tried it on Safari and Chrome. I have the volume on the video and my computer turned up. Is it just me?
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    Hello, I need help in identifying pearls

    Hi Mentari.T-- you came to the right place for answers! The pearls are cultured freshwater pearls from China. While it's always fun to receive a gift, these are not valuable pearls, so you might want to factor that into how much you want to spend on them, to turn them into something wearable...
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    Buying and Selling on eBay

    Actually not there either, but you can post a link to your sale listings on the forum on Pricescope that is called "Preloved PS Jewels". That forum is only visible to Pricescope members, and only if they are logged in, but here is the link...
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    Dyed freshwater pearls?

    You got it right-- dyed cultured freshwater pearls from China, and I think you are probably right about the amethyst as well. The pearls are tissue nucleated-- no bead inside to make them round-- so they are solid nacre, and very durable. The dye is stable. You should get many years of use...
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    Sellers Regret

    You did well getting a graduated strand of cream colored, pre-owned, not-very-high-quality akoya pearls for $15. But selling them for 10x what you paid? I think you did very well indeed, and should not look back with regret! (Used pearls do not tend to hold their value on resale.)
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    What Kind of Pearls are These?

    Imitation is what I thought, too.
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    Not pearls but ....

    I recommend not using thread at all, but rather 49 strand coated beading wire-- the high number of strands make it both strong and flexible. I like Beadalon brand. A few sources: • Firemountain Gems...