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  • Hi Aggie, there?s something funny going on with my computer so I can?t reply to your PM, I?ve read it and greatly appreciate it so don?t think I?m rude or something not replying, I?ll reply as soon as I can
    I really need to see those Sea of Cortez pearls and tickle Douglas until he coughs some up for me! I can't plan anything now, but I think it's a cool idea. I know you would share lots of photos with the pearl geeks that have to stay behind. ;)
    Hi AggieP
    I graduated 8th grade on the rez,(Oops, I mean Navajo Nation) Window Rock Consolidated School #8 or WRCS, as we called it.

    I want to know all the details about your foster/adopted daughter. When you can, please email me about it- or post it in the other stuff forum- that one is a members-only forum.

    Pretty please? Caitlin @ pearl-guide .com

    Do You silver smith?

    Hello Aggie.P -
    I have been wrangling with my work schedule to try and figure out if I could leave town. But it turns out that I have a project going into construction in the next few weeks *and* that I will continue to provide support to that team. No road trips for me, sadly.

    On another topic: Do sign up for TPOs email list, as well as the other vendors. The sales sell out so quickly, you wouldn't believe! Or maybe you would...
    Hi, Aggie.P!
    Sorry I took so long to get back to you. I am still pretty new to this forum and didn't know about this conversation until just now (12:16pm Sunday night). Yeah! I am still seriously thinking about the trip next June to Cortez Pearl. Sounds like a fun group is planning to go. Are you in southern Utah?
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