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  • Heartfelt thanks to all of you for making me feel so welcome. What an amazing haven for the pearl obsessed!
    Hello Adi and welcome to Pearl-Guide.
    Thank you for your friendship request which I'm delighted to accept :) I see we have similar interests! I enjoyed looking at the pics in your album - is there any gem more elegant and flattering than the pearl? I think not! I loved the pic of Queen Alexandra and her daughters in their finery and jewels :D If you don't know of it already, I think you would enjoy the 'Royal Jewels' thread on the Pricescope forum. There are fabulous pics and some very knowledgable contributors on the subject of historical royal jewels.
    Kind regards from Kerry.
    Hi Adi,

    Thanks for checking out my stores and your kind remarks! Happy Holidays!
    Thanks for making me feel so welcome. If you only knew how shy I am, you'd be amazed. I cover up with sarcasm. :) I hope the coming week is a great success and very happy for you! Again, thank you...
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