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Antiquing gods may have been in my favor today! 2 vintage strands came home with me.

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  • Antiquing gods may have been in my favor today! 2 vintage strands came home with me.

    I took my mom out for lunch and to a couple antique stores for Mother's Day today. One store we went in had 4-5 pearl necklaces locked up in a case at the register so I asked to see them. They were priced between $250-$450 and the guy said they were real and he'd had them all restrung so they were ready to wear out of there. I wish I'd taken a picture because they were pretty, kind of glowy. I can't really afford those prices right now so I said they were beautiful and thanked him for taking the time to she me them. So mom and I wander around, looking at everything. It was a really full place so it took a long time. Finally, in one of the very last booths, in a locked curio cabinet, I saw 2 strands of pearls that looked pretty, kind of like the ones he had up front. I asked the woman running the register to unlock it and looked at the necklaces. The graduated strand had a 10k gold clasp and was $30 and the other one was 14k and was $35! I figured they were almost worth it for the clasps alone so I grabbed both! The bracelet we found at another antique store and is definitely fake and the clasp may even be plastic, but I liked it and grabbed it anyway! I can practice beading with it.

    How'd I do?

    ​​ Click image for larger version

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    Those are incredible finds! I don't think I've ever seen any good quality pearls in an antique store before.


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      Thank you! I'm so happy with them. I've never looked for pearls at an antique store before but I'll be checking every strand I see from now on!


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        So pretty. Wonderful find. I have found vintage akoyas both in antique stores and online before. I haven't looked for years now. It's so fun searching for treasures though.


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          Treasure can be found everywhere and anytime
          BTW: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!
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            Charlotta I remembered seeing your vintage clasps in another thread, and you have some beauties! It's definitely fun searching for treasures. I love most things vintage and am really happy to have another type of treasure to hunt!

            Thank you, CortezPearls ! Happy Mother's Day back at ya!


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              AngelinaS , I love those clasps. They are safely tucked away in the safe if I suddenly want to use them. All my akoyas are remade into other projects, mostly tassels and wavestrands.