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    Originally posted by Pearl Dreams View Post
    Wow, great idea using the silicone.
    I can get a mold made to my need and cast some myself deom black silicone and offer for sale to cover the mold cost.
    If someone is interested, please PM, if several are interested I can definitely make some for members here.


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      Originally posted by Lagoon Island Pearls View Post
      Though the format is okay, the method is inadequate. 90kv 3ma, seems a little intense and might explain over-exposed views.

      I gather they wanted to see the core, only to find no discernible nuclei. That strongly suggests uniformity from shell beads.

      Had they varied intensity, structural transitions and growth fronts would likely be more apparent at the outer margins.

      Setting this strand aside for a moment, let's ask ourselves an important question. When is the last time anyone saw a perfectly matched natural akoya strand in the last century? They don't exist and if they do, they'd almost certainly have overwhelming provenance and substantial scientific overview. Hatchery and reared oysters produce keshi and/or incidental or otherwise inadvertent pearls. These are cultural events. So again, the chances of matching a strand to this presentation are infinitesimal.

      For those reasons and others stated earlier, I'm certain these are not natural pearls.

      The ring. Albeit within a lot of attractive pearls, by virtue if this certificate it's origin is questionable.
      You got that right Dave & Lady Disdain.
      Great tips from Pairfaitluminiere and Pattye.

      When we all come together to solve an Enigma...we become a Force to be reckoned with
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	image.jpg
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ID:	396132 three cheers for the experts,yes there is a basic uniformity to the pearls,though some look darker than others.My computer skills are rubbish,I think Iv down loaded a couple of images that prove your comments.I still love the pearls though!


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          And indeed you should love them! They are gorgeous and will give you a lifetime of joy.
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