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    I just want to know how much they are approximately worth so see if I can keep them or not.

    Click image for larger version

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    I don't know their resell price but they are very pretty.


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      Are you contemplating buying these new/sending back or considering selling second hand. Is the clasp precious metal?
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        Very pretty. I would keep them and enjoy them. It's hard to get good return s on resale.


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          Hi meowmix - welcome to the forum, and let me just start off by saying I LUV your user name (being a cat mom myself)!
          meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow (I'm singing the commercial song in my head lol I luv it).

          It is a beautiful strand - can you tell us more about it?
          Do you know what kind of pearls, what are the specs, and where was it purchased from?


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            Hi meowmix!

            I love the colors and luster of your strand. They look very organic and the colors and size would make them easy to wear.

            They are Chinese freshwater pearls, solid nacre, so very durable. Their eggy shapes are because there is no bead inside to make them round. The size looks like about 8-9mm.

            Based on how it's attached to the clasp it looks like it's from a Chinese seller; new strands on eBay that look more or less like this sell for under $50, so I don't think you would make much money selling it. It's true that pearls do not tend to hold their value on resale.

            My advice is to wear it and enjoy it!


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              Ah weird when I first saw the posting, the pictures where cut off and didn't load correctly (so did not see the ruler part), so when I saw PD's post I was like WOW how can she just eyeball it and know the size lol!


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                Thanks for the responses guys. The funny thing is that I am a guy and received these as a gift from a Chinese citizen who I presume must have received these as a gift themselves. They just offered it to me in a red velvet box and I politely declined without knowing what is inside but they insisted. After they left I opened the unwrapped box and discovered pearls haha. I don't even eat oysters. I wonder if I give off a "give me pearls" kinda vib..hummm. I really wanted a ball park value just to know if I should insist on returning them to the gifter, which would probably be a bit rude or what.

                I suppose my wife wouldn't mind receiving these from me... maybe I should wait for an occasion though.


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                  Why wait? Surprise gifts are fun!


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                    Give those to your wife immediately!


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                      I agree...give them to your wife immediately. The gift giver likely intended they be given to a woman in your life. That said, there are many men who do wear pearls. From your photos, this looks like a lovely strand.
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                        Definitely give them to your wife right away.


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                          They would make a lovely gift for your wife!
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                            I ended up giving them to my wife immediately as prescribed. I told took them home and told her to turn around because I think she has a bug in her hair and when she turned back I gave her the box. She did like them and asked why and where I got them from but I didn't say anything. She gets the pearls I get full credit.

                            Pearls are truly a magical gift. Jewelry made by a small animal of the sea that we eat. It's like holding a wonder in your hand. Each pearl a small ball of adventure. What an exciting mystery.

                            For me the true gift is the story of receiving the pearls and then learning more than I ever expected about the world of pearls from wonderful people such as yourselves. The kind of story that can only be experienced, not heard.


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                              Great, great story and outcome, Meowmix! Glad you found P-G.



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