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Great tutorial for wire-wrapping pearls and beads

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  • Great tutorial for wire-wrapping pearls and beads

    I could not get the knack of wire wrapping pearls and beads until I found this video. You can see Jason’s process very well, and he is great at explaining what he is doing. Also he clearly loves his work. He’s a great teacher. I’m not affiliated with Bead Gallery; just a fan. If I ever get to Honolulu I’m heading straight there, though, haha!
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    I can add only one link per post, apparently, so here’s a recent Instagram post where Jamie makes a simple bead pendant very quickly with a wire headpin. He’s so practiced; most of us cannot do it that fast. I love the lotus dangles, and I ordered some from Etsy to make white SSP earrings with. I can’t wait!

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      Great share Multichrome!
      I've admired the wire-wrapping technique since I first saw it done back in 1997, but I've never dared do it myself (considering my dyslexia) and this is a great video for learning the ropes or what you need to know before you get started in this arcane art
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        Douglas, I could NOT get the knack until I saw this video. I just saw that several commenters on YouTube say the same. (I practiced a lot with inexpensive wire before I used sterling or gold-filled.)

        The other thing I do is to mark the tips of my round nose pliers with a Sharpie, so that I have a guide to keeping my loop size consistent. I really hope you find the video helpful! I’m going to make a quickie SSP pendant today, as I have some cute head pins and some pretty wires. But I can’t wait for those lotus links to get here!