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Paspaley Pearls - Buying with US $ is it worth it or paying a premium for the name?

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  • Paspaley Pearls - Buying with US $ is it worth it or paying a premium for the name?

    I realize that this is a hard to answer question because it all depends on your own circumstances, but I am currently in Sydney and made my way to the Paspaley store. Oh boy was that a bad idea, now I have a few things I want and can't stop thinking about. There is a pair of earrings my husband wants me to buy: 14 mm oval on a gold hook. My common sense is telling me that I should not buy them but they are so beautiful! I am rather frugal at heart and prefer not to pay retail prices for jewelry.
    The pearls are AUS $4480 and I get 10% back when I leave the country, plus I have US dollars so the exchange rate is pretty good right now (it is US $3030). This does not include the hook, which the pearls just slides into (not really sure what that type of setting is called- its part of the "pearls my way" collection https://www.paspaley.com/jewellery/p...ngs-white-gold is an example of the hook) The link into the pearl has small (mini) diamonds which I don't need but that is what they had. The hook itself is very expensive for a simple thing AUS $1580. I was thinking that I could get something made up somewhere else for a lot less and just buy the pearls on their own.
    Given the great exchange rate and the fact that I will never be back in Australia, are Paspaley pearls worth the price or are you paying a high premium for the name. I guess I am asking if I can to find pearls like that elsewhere for a better price because they are not from Paspaley?

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    I'd personally buy the pearl dangles simply because when I travel I'd like to collect some souvenir from that particular country I visit so I have something to cherish. Not because it's Paspaley but it's the country and culture connection.
    When I think about the dangles alone without the travel connection, I'd probably ask Cees to find me the pair I want and even bigger and have them set by a local jeweler. But that's just my preference. I hope others would chime in.


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      Basically, these are large oval white south sea pearl earring charms on a hoop....I would think Pearl Paradise could make something like this up for you without a problem. Or just the charms, with you finding a hoop on your own to hang them on. Surely that could be done and probably at a lower cost.

      But you are there in Australia now, and you love those that you've seen, and if your husband is urging you to get them, he obviously has no problem with the cost. I say "go for it".


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        No doubt you're paying something for the name, but keep in mind that not all WSS pearls will be created equally. PP and Paspaley have vastly different target markets, so it would not surprise me if you're wanting to get the EXACT same quality from PP, it may be more expensive to get nicer pearls than what they normally carry. PP can and certainly does do this, but if you're wanting a souvenir with a country connection, and the cost is not a consideration, I'd say absolutely go for it.

        Paspaley is to WSS pearls as Mikimoto is to Akoya pearls - truly some of the pearls that they have are absolute top notch. It would be a great souvenir.


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          The issue IMO is not so much the cost but the souvenir factor. I have fond memories connected with some of my jewelry purchased while on vacation.

          If you buy these, they will forever remind you of your trip to Australia. If you don't get them, they may be the ideal you are chasing and trying to duplicate, or the ones that got away.

          But "know thyself". If instead of being a pleasant memory, it will forever bug you that you might have bought a similar style pair for less, then maybe it's not a good idea.


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            I tend to be very practical also; but no pearls or pair of earrings are exactly the same. Yes, these might be a bit more expensive, but not that much. Matched ovals are not easy to find, and the size is wonderful, too!

            I'd also purchase the hoops; they are 18K and you may want to have other pearl and gemstone earrings put on a loop that can be worn on them.

            A truly memorable souvenir from your trip and loving husband; who no doubt will be so proud to provide this special gift for you!





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              Well based on the feedback, I think that I need to get them! I had thought that I could check Pearl Paradise but then I would hate to not find something I really liked. and its good to know that it may not be much cheaper elsewhere.
              I do like to buy things as I go along, so this will be a great addition to my collection.


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                I love dangly pearls on a hoop. Get the hoops and the pearls. You can dangle anything off those hoops, and you can put the pearls on other hoops, too, but at least you know these go together and are good quality. And you'll always remember your trip.


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                  Please post ear shots later, when you get home!


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                    Paspaley takes the cream of their crops for their own retail stores to protect their brand equity. I've been in and around the vaults and seen the wholesale stock and compared to what's on the floor, you can certainly see the difference. Thus the price may be high, but the pearl quality equally as high. I'd buy them and it will not only be a fantastic piece of jewellery but also a memento from your trip down under!
                    George Ventouras
                    Pearling Technologies


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                      Totally agree with Andrew and George. You will not find better pearls in Australia than in Paspaley. I was just in their store and their wholesale and they definitely keep only the very best for the store. The pearls are truly special. Buy the drops. If you want to save I suppose you could find the 'horseshoe' element elsewhere providing the circle pin on top is a reasonable size.