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Help me identify please

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  • Help me identify please


    Im a new member here, and grateful of it. I have some pearls that Id appreciate your input on identifying.....

    1st strand) Are these possibly the real Golden SS Pearls? They are about 10mm and clasp is marked 18k. I love them, they are my favorite of all time to wear as far as look and feel, etc.
    2nd) These are lovely also but not sure what kind. I bought them at a pawn shop some time ago.....clasp is missing so must have been sold for gold quantity (?)
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    Hi Faithbrady,

    My immediate impression of the first necklace is of dyed freshwater pearls. If you bought them from China the clasp may just be gold plated, but that can be tested.

    • Genuine golden SSP necklaces do not tend to be a uniform size from end to end; usually there is some degree of size graduation-- a 2mm difference between the smallest at the ends and the largest in the center is not uncommon.

    • The strand is finished (at the clasp) the way an inexpensive necklace would be finished-- the thread attached directly to the clasp without the use of gimp/French wire to protect it and make it look professional.

    • It may just be the way the light is hitting them, but the luster is rather low.

    • In a few of the blemishes I see what looks like concentrations of dye, a spot where the color is darker.

    • the color of the thread is a bit too dark, not really well matched to the pearls, which you would be less likely to see in a highly valuable strand

    The second necklace is also dyed freshwater pearls.

    Remember: You can still get a lot of pleasure wearing them even if they are dyed pearls! They are still real cultured pearls.
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