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Help please about a couple of pearl

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  • Help please about a couple of pearl


    First of all, thanks for this blog, it is very instructive!
    I recently purchased some pearls in Palawan that I have found quite nice. The vendors told me that these were South Sea Pearl. Since I am not an expert at all, could you please give your opinion about them, whether there are real and their quality? The size of one HK dollar is 30mm. Thanks for your help!

    Click image for larger version

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    Hi Delnoch, and welcome to Pearl-Guide.

    Using a mathematical ratio I calculate that the pearls in your first photo are about 18mm, which is certainly in the range for a good sized SSP. The large golden pearl is nice! Do you plan to set it as a pendant or a ring?

    The pearls in the last photo are about 11.25mm. These could also be SSP and I think since you bought them in Palawan they are likely to be (as opposed to dyed FWP, which tend to be a yellower color anyway.)

    The white pearl as it appears in the 2nd photo seems to have a number of pits-- am I seeing that right? Surface blemishes affect value, especially if the pearl can't be set in a way that hides the blemishes. I'd want to set this in a way that hides the pits if possible.


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      Many thanks for your opinion!

      I think that the golden pearl will be set as a pendant while the two others will be set as earrings.
      You are correct, the white pearl has some pits, I was willing to buy it for 1500PHP (though don't really know if it is a good price).


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        I agree. The largest golden pearl looks like South Sea, and the smaller ones probably are as well. Hard to tell without a closer view. They are not exactly the same shade, so probably are genuine South Seas rather than dyed FWP.
        Miriam Reed
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