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Cannot Find Right Pearl Engagement Ring ... Need Help with Vendor

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    One thought on the rings: Choose a design that will work when when worn with a band. Bypass settings, for example, are harder to match to a band. The band has to have a curvy shape to match the bypass ring.

    Your #1 choice there is very pretty but I find myself wondering if there will be room on her finger for that plus a wedding band. The space where the rings have to both fit (between the knuckle and the first finger joint) is not very long.


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      Just another idea... This setting wouldn't be quite it (for one thing, I believe it's sterling silver) but just to illustrate my idea. Have you considered a pearl completely surrounded by small emeralds? Maybe it would be called a halo setting or ballerina setting. Anyway, like I said, just a thought.
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        Hi everyone!

        Just wanted to close the loop with PG and let the forum know how this all turned out ... well, it turned out awesome!!

        Mr. Jeremy Shepherd from PearlParadise helped every step of the way since none of the platinum ring settings that I could find seemed to meet my requirements, and especially the short timelines involved. I first considered the ones from, but I seemed to favor a more traditional engagement feel and always found myself looking longingly back at the style involving my original choice from ( However, with the timing of everything and the lack of availability for the metal type I needed for this type of setting, Jeremy introduced me to his custom jeweler friend Taka ( who helped make a beautiful platinum & emerald engagement setting to fit an 8mm AAA Japanese Akoya pearl (see pics below).

        So with my girlfriend arriving to visit me in Germany tomorrow, I'll immediately take her to Paris for the weekend ... where I plan to propose to her near the Eiffel Tower. Maybe I'll have her write-in on this thread to share her side of the story, and tell you herself how everything came together and how much she loves the ring!!

        Either way, none of this would have happened, or even be possible, without the wonderful contributions of this PG forum ... and for that I thank you!

        Click image for larger version

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          That is really a beautiful ring! Very classy. She is bound to love it.

          Guard it closely while traveling!!


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            A truly beautiful and unique engagement ring with a delightful story, ongoing~





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              Thank you for sharing it with us! That is one beautiful ring. So glad you found what you were looking for.

              - Karin


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                I feel so proud when we help someone find just what they want! May you be happy together for at least 50 years!

                How to hand-knot pearls without a tool

                My avatar is a Sea of Cortez mabe pearl. One of a pair of Mexican handmade earrings.


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                  You'll always be happy that you went with a top designer for a custom ring. It's gorgeous! Happy proposing.


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                    It's an old thread but I had to comment...

                    What a lovely story & a lovely ring!!!

                    Much better than Stuller. I bought earrings that came in 22 k closed back bezel settings & I wanted them set in a white metal. I had someone order palladium settings for diamond earrings for me from Stuller. They also set the diamonds for me. The posts were thin & bent when I pushed on the heavy duty 14K backings I ordered for them. I've tried to bend them straight a few times but I'm afraid of breaking them. Its a shame as I had my diamonds set in them & it was sort of a waste. Sorry Stuller disappointed me. I picked ornate settings & they looks nice but the bending/twisting of the posts should not have happened.
                    Palladium is harder than white gold & also hypoallergetic like platinum. Posts should not bend when you push on backings even if they are thick 14K & tight. The posts look like they went thru a garbage disposal! LOL

                    So I am happy he did not get Stuller. Most of those were by pass type settings & best for cocktail rings.

                    Palladium is also a fine choice for metal allergies.

                    Ring is amazing & what a lovely pearl!
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