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Wedding gift: groom to Bride

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  • Wedding gift: groom to Bride


    Some of you may remember me from a couple of weeks ago when I posted about my plan for the wedding day (April 25, 2009). I proceeded to get off track, and that thread was rightfully poofed.

    Anyway, here's the plan. A couple of hours before the ceremony, I'm having a pearl necklace delivered by messenger (probably my sister-in-law) to my bride. My bride had mentioned ONCE that she had hoped to wear pearls on her wedding day, and never mentioned it again.

    So I ordered a CFWP 18? Presidential Grade 9-10 mm necklace from Kevin. I requested overtones of silver and rose. I upgraded the clasp to a diamond wrap.

    I've been on a 30 day road trip, and will be back home tomorrow night. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the necklace that will bring such joy (hopefully) to my bride on our wedding day.

    I'll keep you posted (and thanks for your forbearance the other night)

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    We're happy for your good fortune - a wonderful wedding to a lovely bride. Only pearls could improve the experience!


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      Nice choice Florida Bill! Happy wedding day.


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        What a wonderful wedding gift; she will love it!!