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Pink freshwater pearls dyed tinted ornnot

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  • Pink freshwater pearls dyed tinted ornnot

    What I think I know is that most if not all pink freshwater pearls are dyed or tinted. How about Akoya south sea are any of those natural plink? A lot of internet sellers seem to think they are colored naturally to pink by the mollusk. Thanks for any info on this. I want to tell the truth on my ebay and etsy sites.

    W. Lloyd Patterson
    Gemologist GIA certified

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    Depends what you mean by pink. Lots of natural shades of pink in freshwater pearls, but barbie pinks are dyed
    No such thing as an akoya south sea pearl. it's either akoya or south sea (two different molluscs)
    Plenty of info on this in threads and in the body text of the forum - as well as the info sections of many of the seller's websites. (of course in our descriptions as well)
    Author:Pearls A Practical Guide published by Crowood Jan 2021


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      I know the difference between akoya, and South Sea. i meant to put a comma between the two. So what about pink in Akoya, or South Sea?


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        The pink in akoya is added after the bleaching
        Author:Pearls A Practical Guide published by Crowood Jan 2021


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          It is very rare to see natural pink in SSP, I believe.

          If I see obvious pink pearls presented as akoya or SSP I would not so much question if they are dyed as question if they are not freshwater in stead.

          - Karin


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            Thanks everyone,

            This has been very helpful