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  • Look What I Found

    In amongst some large pink baroque fresgwater pearls was this... one had a silvery "keshi" formed on it.
    The pink baroque is 11.5mm x 11.5mm x 9.4mm thick.
    Sorry I forgot the paper towel.
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    From Australias Top End

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    Hi Cathybear,

    Lovely pink pearl with a lovely growth. Great look. I like unusual pearls and this qualifies Could make a great centre piece on a different, maybe smaller FW necklace or depending on where the other hole is maybe a great pendant. But great all the same. Similiar shape to Fireballs.

    I wonder if anyone can tell you if it would have been nucleated or totally FW.

    Bye for now, Bodecia


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      Meant to mention something. This pearl looks like a pink Ranchu or some other Fancy Goldfish instead it is a very fancy exotic pearl.

      Love the fish, love the pearl.


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        Or a snitch with only one wing lol
        From Australias Top End


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          Great pearl. Personally, I think it looks like a bunny rabbit. Especially in the second pic. Let us know what you do with it..


          • #6
            Thats a cool looking pearl. I see both the bunny and the goldfish


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              Cathybear: I love your sand pics. I wouldn't change them. I see a bunnyfish. But it sure is lovely.
              Pretty Panda pic by nlerner on her U.S. excursion last year, San Diego Zoo.[/SIZE][/SIZE]


              • #8
                That's a lovely pearl, Cathy.
                I can see a bunny and Nemo.
                Bet it'd look great mounted in gold and made up as a brooch, a la GemGeek's little bird.