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not round but not so free form = baroque?

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    Originally posted by Valeria101
    Anyone knows where the idea of 'eight way rollers' originate?
    the first time I came across this definition was in "The story of pearls" by Shohei Shirai and I quote:

    "A perfectly round pearl will roll smoothly and evenly. It is also possible to roll one across a flat board. Once again, the perfectly round jewel will perform without a stop, whereas the irregularly shaped one will wobble, pause in its course, and finally halt. In the trade, a perfectly round pearl is called an eight-way roller (happo korogashi) because it will roll smoothly in all directions".

    Jeremy too has mentioned this term in some post, I do not remember when or where though. It ought to be in the Akoya section, I believe.


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      I got 8-way from Z.

      Pearlpunk: "Fat, chunky, baroques." If I said phat, we'd have hip-hop baroques. Actually, when you first started this thread, the first thing that popped into my mind was that style maven, Sueki.

      Something else that might help is MM size. Give an approximation of what size pearls you want. I know that's hard to do when you first start working with sizes. And what you initially set out for, the 12MM, is still in the design drawer (for the now), but taking some time and learning sizes helps alot when doing online purchasing.
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        thanks guys! i am now pottering around designing my next piece. i am hunting for vintage clasps at the moment and thinking of a princess length three strands, or even a five-strand!!! so, looks like i have to hunt for more baroques since i do not like small pearls and i can't afford the large round ones if i need that many!


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          Nearly forgot about this one...

          The website of the Stuller & Paspaley venture has a neat classification of shapes with the respective lingo. 'Fashion', 'Fine', and 'Statement' are their commercial categories, not standard classification. The rest seem to be common terms understood everywhere. Heard many others related to the miriad shapes of freshwater pearls (rice, potato, petal, cloud, bud, fireball, fancy shapes, etc.), but none very consistently used so not as useful for asking around.

          Not sure about 'double pearls'... whether this is used much, but the term is self explanatory anyway. A recent thread with a natural example reminded the obscure pearl-word. Nucleted freshwater seem rather common in doubles, but I've never seen them called that.

          Wonder what on Earth happens in there to make these doubles!

          Picture Source

          'Guess this one below is still called 'baroque' and not a 'triple pearl' !

          Just for fun:

          Picture Source

          PS: I kept posting things from this seller, so it may be high time for a disclaimer. No, I don't have anything to do with them, just follow the listings because of the neat oddities that keep appearing there in precise images...


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            Originally posted by jerin
            the first time I came across this definition was in "The story of pearls" by Shohei Shirai
            Aha! Thanks ... for the explanation and the hint to an entire pearl library by the same author!