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Do you prefer white or yellow gold clasps?

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  • Do you prefer white or yellow gold clasps?

    Just wondering, what color clasp do you all prefer on your pearls? White or yellow gold? Does the color of the pearls impact your preference?

    I am about to put in an order for my first strand (!!!). They are silver overtone FWP. I'm more of a white gold girl, and with the silver overtone I am thinking the white gold clasp would be better. What do you all think?
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    I enjoy both colors of gold, but with the whiter pearls I prefer a white gold clasp too.

    That's a pretty strand! I hope you will post a neck shot when you get it.


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      I do not wear yellow gold as it does not suit my skin colour, and avoid pearls that are yellow/peachy/cherry/brown.

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        I almost always opt for WG because it's my personal preference. Some pearls go better with YG and then I go with that. I have a few pieces in Rose Gold and Green Gold. They are subtle in color, and I like those, too.

        In this case since WG is your preference and go well with the pearls -- I'd say WG!


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          I like everything, but I agree that white gold will look great with that strand. Enjoy!


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            White gold is very neutral and doesn't overwhelm white pearls. It's great with the silver white pearls. I also have some yellow gold Mikimoto clasps and they are lovely with pinked white pearls. However, I also have a lot of two tone (white and yellow gold) clasps and I love them. They go with everything, but I have a lot of 2 and 3 color gold pieces.


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              Go with your gold preference. Also easier to match with earrings and stuff since I guess most of your accessories are in wg too.


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                I agree that WG is the way to go with the silver overtones. YG is fine but I'd do the WG. There are some pearls that I prefer with YG..like the Dark Tahitians or some of the Souffle colours are really nice with YG .


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                  Agree with the others -- WG suits white/silver overtones better than YG. So, unless you have a preference for YG, want to match to something else in YG, etc, WG seems like the better choice.