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Please help me chose before my brain fizzes out of my ears

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  • Please help me chose before my brain fizzes out of my ears

    And my head goes pop. I posed this pic in my other thread but I think it will get seen more here and also hoping the pic comes out a bit bigger.

    Which one is the 'best' for you and why.

    For me it's between the metallic (won't say which) and the 3rd freshadama from the top because they have the least rose overtone (I want silver) and they seem the most uniform strands (excluding the 4th one up from the bottom but it had bad luster). I care about roundness and the strand being really really matched in size, body and tone and ofcourse luster.
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    Ahh, Moonpie,

    I'm sure you will get lots of comments with a larger photo.





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      I really have no idea how to make the photo larger...


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        Let's hope this works...
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          Okay, that's better. Let me think.....


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            Why don't you do it like voting. Instead of trying to pick the one you like, keep throwing out the ones you don't until only one is left.


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              That is very good advice, BWeaves.


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                I like the top strand best, but you do not seem to want that much variation in the overtones.
                The second from the top is very nice but it has a rosy pearl that is closer to the center of the strand.
                The third also has rosy pearls that are not in the center section. The center seems more silver and more uniform.
                The fourth strand is less nearly round.
                The fifth stand is less lustrous and you said you don't want it.
                The sixth from the top (3rd from the bottom) is my second favorite but it also has a bit more rose in some of the pearls than you seem to want.
                The seventh from the top (2nd from the bottom) is very rosy.
                The bottom strand seems a bit eggy and has the green overtones typical to the metallics.

                So: Either #3 or #6.
                I like #6 better but you might prefer #3.


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                  Haha pearl dreams it's like you've read my mind and typed it a out for me. The problem is I see something nice in every single strand!!!

                  For eg I love the second to last one, but I know it won't suit my skin tone! I also really liked the 4th one from the bottom because of its uniformity but it lacks luster.

                  Again I love the idea of the metallic 1 (last 1) but I don't know if the oval shape will bother in me real life. I do want a round necklace... and I can only afford freshwaters now (so no akoyas) so I want as close to that as possible.

                  But maybe the amazing luster in the metallics will make me forget that they are not round? Maybe I won't care as much as I care now, when I have them in hand?

                  I don't know


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                    Plus will the metallic one be creamy looking in person? I don't want creamy....I want white body tone.... (as white as a freshwater pearl gets without being nuked to death)


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                      Are those AAA metallics? My AAA metallics look off round on the table but round on my neck.
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                        For lustre alone, I would opt for the 2nd strand from the bottom.

                        However, if I were to get a strand that is more silver and less pink, then I would opt for the 4th strand from the top.

                        Good luck with your choice.

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                          As to whether they are creamier or whiter white, PP should be able to tell you that.

                          For reference, mine are whiter with those green undertones, but I know they subsequently have had some that were creamier. That doesn't mean the ones in your photo are, though. Ask.


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                            Thanks so much for the picture pearl dreams. Yes they are aaa. In that pic the 3rd from the top luster and the metallic luster look to me the same?


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                              They do both look very lustrous. And the 3rd one from top looks rounder.

                              The green undertones seem to make the white look whiter, to me, on my skin. But that last strand is less round to my eyes.