Help identify mark and value for antique pearl jewerly. ?PMV ?RMV PMV or another


Apr 15, 2023
good time))) help determine where these decorations come from? what kind of clasp? who did? what pearls? it seems like the pearls of the southern seas ... I know for sure that they are more than 50 years old, inherited from my grandmother ...
Thanks all)))


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They appear to be imitation pearls. I have some Majorica imitation pearls with those kinds of clasps and marks (Metall and 925).
The metal is sterling silver (925) plated with gold.
They appear to be imitation pearls. I have some Majorica imitation pearls with those kinds of clasps and marks (Metall and 925).
The metal is sterling silver (925) plated with gold.
Hmm... Thanks. But how to understand better?
"Hmm... Thanks. But how to understand better?"

Majorica is a high quality brand of imitation (fake) pearls; the brand dates back to 1890. The pearly coating is derived from a substance in fish scales; glass beads are dipped into the coating 30-40x to create the lustrous surface. I have a number of these necklaces, earrings and bracelets.
My grandmother brought a strand back from her trip to Italy for my mother in the late 1960s and she wore it with great pleasure until she died. The coating is durable. Majorica uses a variety of clasps; this type (with the mabe pearl) is one of their more common ones.

Are you thinking of selling them? They are not real pearls and don't have a lot of value, but the brand sells pretty well on eBay, especially if there is the original box and the little booklet that comes with them with the Majorica guarantee. However, even if you don't have the box and booklet, you can still list them as "Majorica imitation pearls" and they will probably sell.
I'd wipe them clean with a damp cloth first. Look at completed (sold) listings of similar necklaces to determine a reasonable listing price.

Here is an article about Majorica imitation pearls from the GIA:
We also have a discussion thread about imitation pearls, including Majorica, with many photos:
Тhank u very much))) I took a photo on a bright lantern, I see a deep, green-blue-pink overflow. this happens in majorica??
Yes, that is typical of Majorica. This photo of my 10mm Majorica necklace shows the iridescence of the imitation coating :

10mm majorica super close up small.jpeg

Here is another one:

Majorica 10mm strand in my hand small.jpeg

Cheaper imitation pearls generally don't show those colors in their coating.
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Also, your own photo shows there is no shell nucleus inside, as there would be in genuine cultured saltwater pearls. It's just a glass bead with a coating.
One of my Majorica necklaces has a clasp that looks like yours. (Still others are slightly different, and some are very different.)

Majorica clasp front and back (angled).png
It's ' PM ' (Perlas Majorica, with a little wedge shaped mark in front and in back of the P and the M).

I can see it clearly with my loupe but can't get a better photo than this.

Majorica PM mark (Perlas Majorica) small.jpeg

Your own photo shows the P and the M better, but that is not a V, it's just a wedge shaped mark. I looked at several Majorica pieces I own, and mark is blurred in some, where the stamp was applied a bit crookedly. In the piece in the photo above, the M actually overlaps the P slightly.

His photo PM.png
Thanks a lot. . And one more question))) I know that this my item from granma , +- 30-40 years they are probably from some kind of set, line, lady di? is there a directory, catalog? As I understand it, not a very valuable sample? 55cm 2strands
Mostly Majorica pearls were sold individually, but these may have been sold as a set.

I've never seen any name given to sets.
I've also never seen any sort of directory or catalog of Majorica pearls.

Look on eBay to see what similar necklaces and bracelets sold for recently; that is the best way to estimate their value in the current market.