purveyor of pearls UK/EU
Aug 18, 2007
Who can identify these pearls, and the ageless beauty wearing them? who.jpgwho.jpg
Ltnt Uhura???? Michelle Nichols???
Oh! Forgot to mention the pearls...can't see much except that they are LARGE...SSPs perhaps???
Correct Douglas, well done. She is still luminous. I interviewed her many years ago back when I was a magazine journalist. She had such an incredible voice. Her normal conversation was like singing.
(btw her name is Nichele)
Yay! I was a Trekkie fan at age 4...I would dream of visiting strange planets and my favorite character was Mr Spock of course! But I loved the whole cast, Cap Kirk, Scottie, Dr Bones, Ltnt Uhura and Checov, Mr Sulu...it was a great multi-cultural cast.
Nichelle's eyes...beautiful big, bright eyes!

Thank you for the walk down memory lane :)

BTW: What kind of pearls is she wearing???
South Sea pearls due to the size. She was a true pioneer!
Nichele is beautiful. She and "Scotty" were my favorites, with Spock a close 3rd :) Kirk ... eh, I couldn't figure out why he kept sending out those red shirts ...
I love this pic of Nichelle! What a stunning necklace. Thank you for posting it.