What's Missing?



Well, what do you think these two designs are missing? :rolleyes:

I will post the source in a day or two, it gives the answer away.

In the meantime, let imagination run when you find some time :)

Yeah... its wasn't my most inspired thread.

Can you imagine I really thought those were pearls at first :rolleyes: ! Wish they were... The concept really is befitting to show off some diverse sizes and colors, IMO.
Well I wouldn't have known if you hadn't said that you thought they were pearls at first - I had to do a double take. I agree tho, if they were pearls it would be a lovely design.
It looks like I've lost the coordinates of the designer for good. Along with just about everything else in my computer's HD :eek:

The search tyrned in lots of pearl-look-alikes in gold and silver. You'd think some Victorian spell came out of the grave all over again! Why, why would anyone want a silver 'casting' of a pearl? :rolleyes: Maybe this made sense when there weren't cultured pearls around, but those times are so long gone. I'd rather imagine the ones below with larger 'petal' pearls then any jewlery metal...ten times over.

Quite liked them though:

From Katherine Koehler

Hey! Those silver petals would look great with pearls mounted in the cups!;)
Valeria101 said:
Well, what do you think these two designs are missing? :rolleyes:

Um to be Honest lacking Taste they look like beads of glass or metal of somekind to me. Too modern looking ...again not my cup of tea..

maybe I am just to Picky... ;)

Satine De La Courcel said:
Maybe I am just to Picky... ;)

Sure not. You are just about to help this thread not get monopolized by my browsing results :D

You do find some of the most Interesting things and ask for opinions, and get them. They may lead to debate ..which is/can be good here... You seem to have an artistic eye... I like some of your brousig results helps me not be too boring!!! and to get creative again.



so what fun stuff did you find today???
Satine De La Courcel said:
so what fun stuff did you find today???

You should see! [a stack of super boring national statistics.. only a handful of dorks can love] :rolleyes:

And a dragon pearl or two ;) I wonder whether that 'design' could actually be done in coral and black pearl ? 'Guess I'll have to try out that one, because nothing of the like came up. Perhaps it is too hard or simply doesn't make sense in 3D somehow.

Here's what I am talking about:


Dull? You are never dull, Caitlin. And I wish I knew what to do with that alleged 'artistic eye' :eek: ...
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