What can you tell me about these?


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Aug 13, 2020
Hello all. I am mostly looking to see what kind of pearls I am holding and if they are valuable enough to pay to have them officially appraised and kept in my safe instead of banging around in my wife's jewelry box.

So the details: Yes they are gritty when rubbed together. The stringing is knotted (very finely) between each pearl. There are 125 pearls in this double-strand necklace. Many are oddly shaped. On average they are all between 8.5 and 9mm when measured at the center, most round part. As I said, some are oblong and they go over 10mm. The clasp is a gold flower design measuring 1" in diameter with 7 cut diamonds in a pattern measuring about 7mm across. This sits on a basket that the very large and sturdy clasp tab inserts into it with an extra latch to make sure the tab doesn't back out. I have no documentation and I cannot see any visible stamps or markings on the clasp. These would have likely been purchased in New York City.

The history of this necklace is that my Godfather gave this to my Godmother back when they were married (I do not know the date, but it would likely have been in the late 30's to early 40's). I was told by my mother that this was a depression-era necklace. It was my mother's favorite necklace throughout her childhood and she fought to get it after my Godmother passed in 2006 in a lengthy estate settlement. My mother recently passed (in April) and the necklace went to my sister. While I was helping clear my mother's house last week, my sister said that she wanted my wife to have them since she will actually wear them.

So what do you think? What do I have on my hands here? Should I go ahead and insure them? Thanks!


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They are baroque cultured akoya pearls. I would not bother to have them appraised, and they can certainly stay in her jewelry box, but I would keep them (just as any pearls) separate from other jewels as pearls are soft and can be easily scratched.

It doesn't look like it needs restringing yet. They can be worn and enjoyed!
I would just like to add that's a gorgeous clasp; pansy designs were common in jewelry and are highly sought after. Hope your wife wears and enjoys her pearls!
Naw, don't keep them in a safe or insure them. Wear them.
The highest compliment I can give is "I wish they were mine!". Your wife will love wearing them. :)
The value of this strand is in the clasp and the story. I would wear them and flaunt that clasp. It's beautiful!