Wedding pearl necklaces


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Apr 23, 2006
Hello PG friends,
I have been invited to exhibit at a designer stand, at a Paris wedding fair,
I thought that this type of necklace would be suitable for brides, mixing pearl with either white rubber or braided steel as pictured, for a modern look, but what is your opinion ?
What is the best pearl necklace for a bride, besides the full strand ?
Thanks for advising.


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anna - been on your website a few times of course now but just checked again to see what i thought would be really 'bridal' (and i'm a bit quirky myself!). i love the white rubber! very 'futuristic"! i also LOVE the pink stingray (pink is pretty big for weddings the last few years i think - at least here in north america). plus, i really love the look of the 12 strand wire cables. in all the finishes: silver, gold and the pink and blue! i think those would be a BIG hit! the multi strands give it a very 'light' look i think. i'm wondering if the braided steel might be a bit too casual for a wedding look?

for clasp options other than pearls (as if ANYONE would want to wear anything other than pearls!), i think the opals would be lovely with any of them too - so feminine.......

so, that's my opinion - hope that's okay~!

- jodie -
Hi CliClasp,

Went to your website, I like how innovative your designs are! I see the pieces you show in this thread, being for not just the bride, but the entire wedding party. The darker colors for the men lighter colors for the women. Depending on the colors or theme of wedding colors to match or accent the outfits. Some examples of themes wedding I see these being worn include Steampunk, Luau or Beach themed weddings. (Just my first thoughts on these specific pieces.) Since themed weddings still seem "in favor" right now. Just my opinion.

I am sure whatever you present will be fabulous!

How wondeful that you made a selection, that's too kind and lovely !
Thanks a lot, will take all this in consideration and will not miss to let you know and post photos !!
White rubber and pearls for weddings - LOVE IT! They're fun and not to be confused with anything your grandmother wore in her day. :cool:
Thanks to all of you, we are starting preparing all this selection and try to get closer to the couturiers and fashion designers.
Will not miss to post photos of the selection, then of the event .
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It is starting friday and this is a piece I prepared : mixed pink nylon and silver wire necklace to compliment white pearls.
(impossible to upload any attach, will try later)
Just to tell that your advices were very helpful and I will post photos of the event, if the computer let me do so.
You are so kind, I can't find words to tell ...
The exhibition took place in a wonderful place.
Young girls seems to like lariat with exotic China pearl, I even made a " wedding bracelet" with FWCP.
I cannot upload photos ... don't understand why ... Will try later.
Anyway I want to tell that your advices are most useful.
As I could not upload more photos anylonger, this pushed me to post more on a blog page of mine.
Discover the wonderful place of the Paris wedding exhibition, the famous building, wedding dresses and some of my jewelry, click on link for a visit in photos.
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Thank you Caitlin, so it's done !