Wedding Pearl Necklace

You guys are fast! That's a great bridal necklace. Enjoy your day when it arrives! :)
I have been looking for those kinds of pearl necklaces for a long time. How do you guys find those necklaces?
The one in the photo is gorgeous! (love the mix of large and small pearls and all the strands). I always have to plug "Etsy" whenever I get a chance (I like to give small businesses and artisans any help I can). There are many for sale on there. If you see one you like, but you'd like more strands or different pearls, sizes, etc., most people are happy to make up a custom listing for you. Here are a few...... (I assume you want REAL pearls and not beads?)
This one has crocheted wire rather than nylon - kind of a neat look:

- Jodie -
There used to be squillions of these sort of necklace in many variations available from china for a dollar or two a pop
Oh yeah? I'd never really noticed them before - I missed all that! lol I don't usually buy things from China if I can help it (on eBay etc I mean). Never know what you're going to end up with.......

- Jodie -
Sorry, I meant trade, from suppliers. I had a few, years ago, when I bought in some stock. They were a massive bother though, because they turned themselves into a snarl more quickly than if you gave them to a roomful of kittens.
It would be very simple to make one though, given some (probably) potato pearls and illusion thread. You just thread and glue, thread and glue.
Kittens? Did someone say kittens?!!! Pearls and kittens - been there, done that - MEOUCH! :)
Great idea! I got one for my wedding as my "something new" and still wear it out all the time!
I got the 14k Yellow Gold Multi-Strand Necklace from James Allen and I absolutely love it.
It makes such a great statement and I get tons of compliments on it.
Free shipping pretty much everywhere and as a sidenote, a really cool box.
Good luck!
Just started planning my wedding pearls which will be strung my myself, thinking of some bridesmaids pearl gifts too
Happy Stringing PM! What pearls are you thinking of wearing? I hope you post pictures :D