Walmart Cultured Freshwater Pearls


New Member
Sep 10, 2019

Does anyone know anything about the ~$40 cultured freshwater pearls you see at the Walmart jewelry counter? I have not asked to handle them or anything, but I was curious if anybody knows possible origin and/or these are fake. The price tag would suggest they are very low quality if not synthetic. Thank you!

They are most likely cultured freshwater pearls as marked. They would be from China.

FWP can be quite inexpensive, depending on size (larger pearls cost more), shape (rounder costs more) and overall quality (higher luster and cleaner surface would cost more).

High quality fakes can cost a lot more than low quality genuine freshwater pearls! Strange but true. But isn't it nice that people can now buy real pearls at a very reasonable price? It used to be only royals and the very wealthy could buy pearls.