The Importance of Provenance and Terminology

Very interesting thread , thanks for all the info and views you all have ;)

Caitlin, i cannot find Alexander Marcelo's homepage.
Can i have his homepage address ? Please, thank you :)
Dave I noticed the name when Dave of Lagoon Island Pearls mentioned it as someone well known in the pearl world!

I then added it to my list of private collectors who have websites with photos of their pearls like the Baja pearl hunter who posts photos here from time to time (sr Rodriguez). I used to have at least one other site bookmarked also, but lost it in my computer change-ups last year. Tom Stern and sons' website used to mostly feature single pearls they had found too, but it has changed to a place where you can buy super upscale pearl jewelry over the years.

I am going to refer back to Slraep and Zeide and say that a number of the best European collectors are very careful of not using their family names, but use an agent. Our professional jeweler member from Germany with the vast collection he shares with us -and may share some for sale as himself- is not the rule. I know of people who post here and do not disclose their locations because they have big collections.

Pearls are a world of mystery wrapped in fog and fairy tale. Do not expect to ever know anything about a pearl except what it says to you.... and pearls are known for being very soft on the truth. It is up to our discernment and maybe the opinion of this community, when we look at a pearl, because most pearls will never know the rigors of a testing lab - or a transparent provenance.
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