Tears of Mermaids Imminent

I am in the Rana chapter cast as ZE's implacable foe.

She told Stephen she didn't sell, but she did sell to P-G members. She sold abalone pearls that were really peacock CFWPs! Her Pteria Sterna pearls were freshwaters too. In fact she lied about every single strand she sold! Her snail pearls were freshwaters. In fact I have a gallery of photos she sent me with false ID's. Those red pearls (the Lop Noors, as she calls them) found "all over the world", are perfectly matched....Huh?

Well she started collecting when she could buy 14mm gumballs dyed pink for $60 on ebay, so she does have a great collection of CFWP.

Stephen did think the elongated mikis were beautiful, but I would need to send them out before I would believe it. He never checked the clasp. But ZE is the one who taught us all that the value in a miki resale is in the clasp. Box is ok too, if you have the clasp. I have some mother-in-law akoyas from the 30's. They are still round......what's with the elongation of old Mikis? Anyone heard of that before?

I think she got Stephen a couple of times. He just couldn't believe everything was a lie.
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Coming to Aus pretty soon, isn't it - Kindle?

It's been available for a month or so now. But this particular book isn't available in Kindle yet. My problem is no storage space, so apart from recipe books and picture-heavy books I generally don't buy hard copies.
I am in the Rana chapter cast as ZE's implacable foe.
What an experience to have contact with ZE during my first year here. What more I may have learned about German wines had she stuck around?

Would be interested in hearing casting suggestions.

Bo Torrey tells me he prefers Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or a bulkier John Malkovich. If those actors are not available, then Angelina Jolie.

By the way, 'Rana' in Spanish means 'Frog.'
Actors for what role? Bloom? My suggestion for casting him would Borat. He has to be as overblown as his characters are.

The one photo I saw of ZE was very froglike: Big glasses, no neck and zaftig is being really, really nice about her size. The Crested Bull Frog has finally been id'ed with certainty. About as rare as a nautilus pearl, I'd say. heh heh.
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HaHa! The Frog of Fresno.

I think Bob Hoskins would be more appropriate to play Bo. Alec Baldwin with a perm could do Jeremy. Penn of Penn and Tuller could do ZE in drag......
Regarding "elongated Mikis"--when I was in fine jewelry one of my coworkers special ordered some baroque white Mikis for herself, maybe 22-24 inches. They were the first ones I found interesting, and even remotely affordable, about $1200 in the mid 90's. Have no idea if they are being offered at all today.

My book didn't get here today, pout, pout.
Kindle has a free computer download of its program. Then you can download all the books you want. I started with free books which include many old classics.
No. It means I have a computer. I downloaded the FREE edition of the kindle program for computers. I got all the OZ books for $0.00 free.
BTW, for those who already have the book, is it picture heavy at all? I realize it's a novel, but if there are alot of pictures I would lean towards a hardcopy rather than Kindle. Many thanks.
Since reading some of the reviews of this book from people I highly respect and trust I took it off my wish list a while ago. I must say this Caitlin you are my hero!

Wondering if anyone knows anything about the Pearl book coming out in September?


Thinking about ordering for my mom for the Holidays. Hopes it will be a better deal than Tears for mermaids ended up being.



Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for the Link. I am so bad at finding specific threads. Feeling dumb, I even posted on that thread... Looks like two Books it is! again a HUGE thank you!