Tahitian Studs too big?

I have a hard time with threaders because of the rasping effect, similar to that of threaded posts.

My diamond studs have these posts and backs from Stuller-- they lock in place and do not come off until one squeezes the back to line up the holes the post fits through. The backs will not work with other posts-- you need both, as a system.

EarringLock set from Stuller.jpg
2thdktr This is interesting info on the threaded backs..I've not used them but I have friends who used them on Diamond studs. I too recently moved up to 12.6mm WSS studs. I thought they would bother me but it's been fine. The butterfly is about 9mm so it supports them pretty well.

Charlotta - I've got a bag full of the big Silicon backs ... they work well and are a little less conspicuous than giant gold backs. We don't have lobe wonder here so I've never tried it. I should order some from Amazon. My pearls get bigger ....and bigger....

PearlDreams = I am so glad that you posted about those backs ! I've seen them on Stuller but didn't quite get how they worked. Thanks for that information !
I think they're perfect for those with big earlobes and even if not, they're good if you wanna make a statement.