Show us your Pastel Tahitians!!

Thank you @heartofawareness ! Yes it must be so so exciting harvesting Tahitian pearls! So many possibilities! We had the hottest day ever here yesterday so I was closed inside with AC plenty of time to play with my pearls;-) I still had pastels in my mind so I divided them into 4 groups (the pearls were called like this when I bought them) - pastels, special colors, aubergine/teal and light peacock/peacocks. The eye doesnt really go to the pastels first but everything changes once they are against the skin, as BWeaves says they do come alive...View attachment 465419
OMG these are all gorgeous! One can only imagine how beautiful they will look against the skin!
Amazing colors eolian pearls!!!
Gorgeous & erotochromatic!
Love those colors!