Rice Krispy Pearl Necklace Quality


Feb 4, 2014
East Coast Canadian Greetings, Lovely Pearl Experts!

I so value and appreciate the help I've gotten in the past. I have this pretty rice krispy necklace with a 14k gold clasp and beads that I'm planning to sell. The pearls have a nice lustre and iridescence but there are a few duds that are flat and dull on one side. I've never really thought rice pearls were of much value but I'm seeing such a range in my online search.

As for quality, can you tell from my photos what category these might fall into? I've taken photos with and without the flash to capture the iridescence. They are not white, but more ivory. I've not had the best lighting today so the quality isn't the best.


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Rice Krispie pearls were popular in the late 80s and 90's. They are 100% nacre, but not smooth and round. They were often strung as torsades (multi strands, twisted). I have some that my mother bought. They feel like wearing silken tassels. I enjoy wearing them, but they are not worth very much. The gold clasp is worth more than the pearls combined, I'm afraid.
I agree. I have some rice krispies from early 80s-- a bracelet with gold clasp and beads. The gold is more valuable than the pearls.
yes, this is what I've been reading and as I search for similar necklaces, I'm seeing prices ranging from $60 - $160 (roughy). How does one come to these prices? Most of the ones I've looked at have attractive gold clasps and in the plus/minus $100 range. My thinking is many are over-priced.
A listing price is one thing-- what the pearls actually sell for is another. Look at sold listings and you will see what people are actually paying-- in other words, the value they are placing on them.

Your pearls have a lovely iridescence and with multiple strands could be reworked and updated. I'd say they have desirable qualities plus the karat gold clasp that could appeal to a buyer. I restrung a single rice krispie strand "chain" to wear with my ripple and genuine Kasumi pendants.
Oh yes, I totally agree with you on this, Pearl Dreams, but only to a point. With eBay auctions, I find some sellers will lose out if they list low with high hopes and don't get the desired results. I generally look at listing prices on the site I do sell on as well as listings (sold and listed) on eBay. I've been selling vintage since 2013 but collecting for myself much longer. As a seller, I research my finds with an OCD approach. LOL!

I haven't viewed this necklace as having much value. I was more curious about how 'quality' factored in and confused at some of the prices I see listed. I think anything even close to $100 is too much unless the gold clasp is chunky.

I saw a 10-strand rice krispy necklace being sold as keshi pearls with a price tag of $550. Now, I don't know a whole lot about pearls but I'm pretty sure those are not keshi.